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Description of the conference


26 April 2017

Session I
Disaster Victim Identification

Session II
Mock Crime Scene Investigation

Session III
New Generation Forensic DNA Examination

27 April 2017

Session IV
Prosecutor as a Leader of Crime Scene Investigation Team - Legal Regulations in Poland and Worldwide

Session V
Procedures at Mass Fatality Incident Investigation (case studies)

Session VI
Cooperation between Different Services and Agencies at the Crime Scene of Mass Fatality Incident

On 26th – 27th April 2017, the fifth edition of International Scientific Conference ”Crime Scene” organized by Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police will take place during The International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services “Europoltech” in Gdańsk.

The growing threat of terrorist attack and other disasters forces the security agencies to verify and update the guidelines and legal regulations concerning the roles of forensic experts working in crime scene investigation teams as part of examination of Mass Fatality Incident. The primary goal of the conference is to exchange experiences, best practices and legal regulations among Polish and foreign experts in that field. One of the topics of discussion includes the coordination of duties in the field of disaster victims identification according to the international guidelines elaborated by Interpol. The guidelines are followed by in significant number of countries worldwide. It is crucial to unify the procedures especially in context of incidents involving multi-national victims; a reliable and efficient victim identification calls for effective cooperation of services of various competences. The technical expertise provided by international experts who have been invited to participate in the Conference can be further utilized for elaboration of a professional Polish DVI group consisting of qualified experts and representatives of various agencies.

Europoltech 2017

The International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services EUROPOLTECH is Poland’s most important trade event dedicated to law enforcement and special services. This highly-specialised show is organized by the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. in close partnership with the General Headquarters of the Polish Police and in collaboration with the services of Poland’s Ministry of the Interior, national security services, Special Operations and Military Gendarmerie. EUROPOLTECH is dedicated and open only to expert professionals: Polish Conference participants, representatives of Polish and international Police, civilian and military national security services, lawmakers and public officers who address security issues. Last edition was attended by more than 6300 trade visitors.